Based on true stories about America's online child exchange network. 

THE ORPHAN CLASSIFIEDS, a narrative film

Stella, a Kenyan orphan believes to be the luckiest little girl in the world when she is adopted by an American family. Stella slowly adjusts to her new life with the help and support of her new parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens. However, when the Stevens’ biological children return from summer camp, her new world is turned upside down. After increasing sibling rivalry, and repeating accidents, Mr. Stevens finds another home for Stella via an online forum ... ultimately catapulting her into the unsanctioned predatory web of rehoming.


obliviously catapulting her into the unsanctioned predatory web. 


Thank you to our friends at One Simple Wish! We are working together with this wonderful organization to grant wishes to orphans in collaboration with The Orphan Classifieds!

Ninan Tan
Producer/ Creative Director

Kim Rios Lin
Producer/Campaign Manager

Denzil H Wilson
Producer/ Financial Manager

Written and Directed by: Ninan Tan; Director of Photography: Chloe Smolkin; Principal Casted: Kim Rios Lin