Based on true stories about America's online child exchange network. 


The majority of adoptions offer loving homes to children in need. Many of these placings are though professionally monitored post placement services and these children flourish under the care of their new found parents.  However, there is a loophole in the adoption laws in America, where a shadowy network of Americans who use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas.

The online network present on Facebook, Yahoo and other sites alike provide an underground assembly of amateurs who broker children with the same ease as giving up a pet. On one Yahoo group, at least one child is advertised per week on average. Transactions and transfer of legal guardianship require only a one page signed document witnessed by a notary public. Despite “grave danger” the government allows Internet forums to go unchecked. This process of child swapping is called "rehoming". 


Reuters Investigates: The Child Exchange

This is a in depth investigation and five
report on the phenomenon that is child
rehoming. It 
includes an analysis on why
parents are driven to 
abandon their adopted children, the dangers associated with it and
also has a full account on 
a few of the victims. 



NBC News: Adopted Girl Told To Dig Own Grave

The story of Nora Gately - one of the earliest known cases of internet child exchange and rehoming. Nora was only 12 when she was
adopted by her
American family with the
promise of a better life in
 the USA.  The
promise however was shortly lived and Nora
was rehomed two years later.



Adoption Voices Magazine: Panel Interview

A response and Q&A from Adoption Voices
Magazine following the Reuters Investigation
addressing the concerns of the problem with
analysis from adoption experts from across







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Kim Rios Lin
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Written and Directed by: Ninan Tan; Director of Photography: Chloe Smolkin; Principal Casted: Kim Rios Lin